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Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Goal Oriented Guide to Prenatal Care is based on the VA/DoD Management of Pregnancy Clinical Practice Guideline. The Guide has been expanded to include evidence-based research recommendations for prenatal care for all pregnant women receiving care in the DoD and VA healthcare systems. It also addresses several minor or common complications of pregnancy. A PDF of the Guide, also known as The Purple Book, is available for review and download.

The Purple Book is designed primarily as a resource for pregnant women, but is also a useful tool for obstetric care providers. It provides quality information that can serve as a reference, journal, and springboard for further discussion and education. It can be used in either one-on-one traditional or group-based prenatal care.

The Purple Book and the recommendations and information contained in it serve as a basis for world-class prenatal care. However, the best recommendations can quickly become outdated as new information becomes available. Since individual circumstances are unique, this book should not be a substitute for personal and prenatal care and recommendations given by your qualified healthcare team.

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